Engaging different audiences

5 Simple Ways to Engage Different Audiences On Social Media

In today’s digital age, it’s not enough that you simply have presence on various social media platforms. You can’t expect people to just flock your Facebook page or just instantly follow you on Instagram, Twitter, and whatnot. What’s more important is to actively seek the out and engage them in order for you to have more reach and foot traffic. Here are some steps that you can do to engage different audiences on social media.


Who Are Your Audiences?


First things first, identify your audience and the people you want to reach out to and engage. This will stem from establishing your brand identity and knowing who are the people who would appreciate the products or services that your business is offering. Are you targeting a specific gender, age range, or even social status? There are different ways to categorize your audience and it is imperative to do so before moving forward to implement methods on engaging them.


What Content Do They Respond To?


Let’s say you’re a fashion company. It’s given that you’re on social media to promote clothes, shoes, or accessories. But what other posts and content do your target audience responds to? And what other types of content can you have in order to go beyond your current reach? For example, apart from posting the clothes that you sell on Instagram, perhaps you can also branch out to inspirational quotes that would appeal to a much wider audience. Just make sure it’s still relevant and in line with your overall brand identity.


Stay On Schedule


There are various researches done that verify the need to maintain a schedule when posting and trying to get engagement on social media. There are peak hours of the day where most people are online and when you have higher chances of having further reach. After knowing your audience and what kinds of posts they want to see, it’s now time to figure out their schedule on stay on it.


Keep The Momentum Going


Once you’ve established the basics and have jumpstarted your social media presence, you have to make sure that you can maintain consistency and keep the momentum going—especially if you’re starting to get responses from your audience. You can maintain consistency by posting on a daily basis and on the right schedule. Another way is by making sure that all responses from your audience are answered on a timely basis.


Give And You Shall Receive


Communication and engagement is a two-way street and once you’ve received feedback from different audiences, it’s your duty to respond back and not leave them hanging. Having proper follow through is very important in making sure you have them fully engaged and interested. Only then can you now find ways on translating that engagement into potential opportunities for revenue and sales.

What Exactly Does Audiences SW Do?

There are a number of ways that Audiences South West can help in supporting you understand your existing and potential audiences to then set out to increase your audience engagement. By offering our range of services we provide one-to-one facilitation and bespoke information from data and segmentation tools to base your plans and models on actual evidence. Our advice is based on data, knowledge and experience of organisation and audience development.

Every organisation is different, therefore our services can be tailored to reflect the areas of interest and audiences that you have at present and those you want to develop. We’re also aware that each organisation has differentiating capacity, systems, knowledge, engagement strategies and ways of delivering work. Therefore, our bespoke work helps identify ways of best practice to embed knowledge of your audiences to better know and understand them to increase their engagement with you. For example, on one of our latest projects with Mortgage Hero, we examined their audience from a commercial point of view to determine how they could better engage under represented demographics. 

Audiences South West helps organisations understand engagement by:

  • Understanding population – providing and interpreting secondary data on populations.
  • Understanding communities – defining communities by geography, propensity to attend and lifestyle.
  • Mapping communities – creating visual representations from popular data.
  • Data gathering – gathering transactional data from costumers for non-ticketed venues and organisations.
  • Audience profiling – segmenting audiences, describing segments by lifestyle to create an ACORN segmentation profile of your audiences.
  • Bespoke online surveys to benchmark data.

Audiences South West helps organisations increase engagement by:

  • Working with organisations to place increasing engagement in a context of developing stronger business models.
  • Enabling an evidence-based assessment of engagement that informs business planning and modeling.
  • Reducing barriers, such as psychological, cultural and intellectual barriers to engage.
  • Increasing benefits, such as social, emotional and intellectual benefits of engagement.

12 Case Studies with Some of Our Clients

Throughout the years, we have helped many organizations with their data. Here are some case studies worth mentioning.

Arts Council England, South West


We worked with the Arts Council England through the projects ‘Arts Organizations Insight’, ‘NI11’ and ‘Visual Arts West’.

Dorset County Council


We worked with Dorset County Council helping them to increase engagement in arts. We developed understanding of audiences, provided audience data analysis and interpreted those data as well. We also developed a Communications Strategy for them.

Torbay Council


We helped Torbay Council to increase their engagement in the arts. We collected audience data, analyzed them and developed a local network of arts providers.

Bath and North East Somerset Council


We facilitated workshops on business planning for five of B&NES’ Key Arts Organizations. We also analyzed their data.

Bournemouth Borough Council


We collected data from key cultural providers and analyzed those data in order to come up with some meaningful outcomes.

Swindon Borough Council


We helped Swindon Borough Council to meet their target of ‘increasing engagement in the arts’. We gathered data from local cultural organizations and provided in-depth analysis of those data to the Council.



We analyzed box office data of Watershed and provided them with a clear focus for their audience development activity.

The Brewhouse Theatre and Arts Centre


We analyzed box office data of this Center in order to develop their business plan and meet their marketing objectives.

gofusion resized

GoFusion Electrical

We worked with GoFusion Electrical on engaging their customer base and audience. We performed analysis on past data and trends.

Poole Lighthouse


We analyzed the potential of developing a family friendly offer for Poole Lighthouse. We also provided them about future target based business planning.

Appledore Arts Festival


By analyzing data, we helped Appledore Arts Festival about approaches to sustaining and developing their cultural offer to the community.

Textile Forum South West


We conducted a members survey and came up with the organization’s sense of purpose. We also formed a new business model for them.

Kneehigh Theatre Trust


We gathered box office data from different venues and provided them with a clear focus for their audience development activity by analyzing those data.

Our data analysis and proposed solutions have helped a number of organizations in developing their business plans and improving their audience engagement. In the future, we plan to encourage more organizations to focus on improving their audience engagement.

[GUIDE] Understanding National Portfolio Funding

The Arts Council England provides National Portfolio Funding to various Audience Development Agencies based in England. They have a number of criteria based on which they select companies. Only a few of these companies are granted the National Portfolio Funding from the Arts Council England.

We had applied for this fund, but were unsuccessful. We realize that there are many companies like us who couldn’t manage getting the fund. In order to help them we have decided to work towards building a business model that will enable us to work with the sector in order to increase engagement. We will also help support organizations to become more sustainable.

Work shops or conferences are designed to facilitate engagement in stead of just broadcasting the content. It gives a great opportunity for social learning that takes place through engagement and conversation with the peers. You can gain more knowledge through engagement and social interactions. Social learning provides a feedback look that is extremely important for faster learning. We believe that presenters must improve their effectiveness by incorporating techniques into their presentations.

Chief Executive Jim Brewster of Audiences South West believes that the strict budget have changed the arts infrastructure. In order to survive in such situation, companies must work towards increasing engagement with the public. This is the best way to secure a brighter future for the company.

We will let you know about our future plans regarding improving audience engagement. If you want to discuss anything regarding this matter, you can write to us or call us. We will help you in every way possible and guide you to make your workshops and conferences more effective.

Here’s Why Our Events Are Different

We are organizing free workshops in five different locations of South West designed for Visual Arts professionals. We have conducted training needs analysis of more than fifty Visual Arts professionals involved in Turning Point, AMA and AUK. Based on the results we got, we have designed these workshops so that the Visual Arts professionals can greatly benefit from the workshops. These professionals will be able to build better businesses by using data.

1Our ‘Data for advocacy and inform organizational growth and future direction’ workshop is for Chief Executive and Senior Strategic Managers of visual arts organizations. In this workshop the participants will know about various UK and international examples of best practices using data. These examples will help your gallery run better. Two experiences Chief Executives, Ivan Wadeson and Vanessa Rawlings-Jackson, will be the main speakers at the workshop. Both the speakers have about fifty years of experience in the field.

By attending these workshops you will be able to make more informed decisions about the future of your company. You will get to know where to find data and how to use these data to best make your case.

This workshop is absolutely free. We highly encourage you to attend the workshop. As we will be booking venue and rooms depending on the number of participants in the workshop, if you book and don’t show up you will be charged £50.

The workshop will take place on 19th September from 11am to 4 pm at Spike Island, Bristol. If you are interested, then please confirm your attendance. Our seats are limited, so you should book in advance.