3 Tips to Help You Start A Home Garden

There are a lot of good reasons why you should make a garden in your home. Foremost among these reasons is the capability of getting fresh fruits and vegetables for the family. Having a home garden can also lead to the cutting of market/supermarket expenses as you can easily get your supply from your own garden.

Another reason is the promotion of healthy eating. When you have fresh greens all the time, you won’t have problems preparing nutritious dishes. Your family will learn to eat healthier. But, how do you successfully create a home garden? Here are three steps you can follow:

1. The first thing you need to do is determine the type of garden you are going to grow.

Are you planning to make your own vegetable garden, a fruit garden, a herb garden, or a flower garden? If you want to grow lettuce, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables, you should focus on growing a vegetable garden. A herb garden is also all right, but it won’t do you a lot of good if you don’t have fresh ingredients (vegetables). A fruit garden will help you grow a lot of fruits, while a flower garden will give you different flower varieties. You can go for a combination of vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens.

2. What plants should be in your garden?

This is the next thing that you should consider. Choose plants that grow well in your area. Determine which plants will thrive in the kind of environment that you have. Study the growing conditions in your area of each plant you want to use. If you do this, you won’t have problems growing your plants strong and healthy.

3. Design your garden.

You can draw the design or map of your garden, or you can have someone else do it for you. Just be sure that the plants will be in an area where they can be shaded even when it is raining, and an area where they can get enough sun exposure.

Once you have done all these, you are ready to plant your first batch of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

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