Reasons I Love Single Storey Homes

Colonial brick house with beautifully landscaped front yard and mature oak trees

It is a common quandary for first-time buyers when it comes to deciding between a single-storey house and one with multiple levels. The traditional home layout usually includes shared spaces on the ground floor and more private rooms such as offices and bedrooms on the upper floors. While each layout has its own advantages, in this post, I am going to provide reasons why I love single-storey homes.

Single-storey Homes Provide Increased Energy Efficiency

It is easier to heat a single storey home compared to their counterparts. Most modern one-storey houses have a central shared living space that’s surrounded by more private rooms like offices and bedrooms. So, heated or cooled air will flow naturally in such a layout. On the other hand, a multiple storey house plan will need more complex and costly heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Plenty of Open Space

Single storey houses usually have a generous communal area often referred to as the Family Triangle of the dining room, kitchen and living room. While the more traditional homes have each of these rooms separated by walls, the modern single storey homes are usually designed to merge these regions into a single, large, open space. Expansive windows and vaulted ceilings are also prioritised, thus creating a beautiful and comfortable area for the entire family.

However, the challenge with this type of layout is how to keep everything on one floor. Therefore, architects and specialist builders (such as Ben Trager) have to get creative with open floor single storey house plans.


Stairs are arguably one of the primary causes of domestic injuries. When you live in a house with stairs, your risk of getting a severe injury is much higher compared to a single-storey home. Also, if there is an emergency in your house, you are likely to evacuate faster in a single-storey house.

Easy To Expand Living Space

If you have larger living space, it is relatively easy to add a sunroom, deck or even a patio in a single storey home. On the other hand, a two-storey house will need structural analysis and proper planning for the expansion. Also, the ease of expanding the outdoor living space translates to a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors in single storey homes.

Easy To Clean

Vacuums are generally clunky and heavy. As such, vacuuming individual steps easily becomes one of the least favourite pastimes among household owners. If all your living space is on a single floor, it is way easier to go from one end to the other with a vacuum, dust rug or a mop and cleaning supplies. It is generally simpler and faster to clean a single storey home compared to multiple stories one. Also, one-storey houses usually require fewer bathrooms as they are easier to access, and we all know how demanding these rooms can be in terms of cleaning.


It is no secret that single storey homes are less costly to construct and maintain compared to their counterparts.

One-storey homes have a huge appeal, and you can find them in almost any city in an array of styles and at varying price points. There’s a lot to like about these house plans, and so, if you are on the fence, you may want to lean more on the single-storey side.

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