Ideas For Displaying Your Kids Sports Trophies In Your Home

Winning a trophy can be a great achievement in your child’s life and you want to show that you are proud of them. The best way to do this is to display their sports trophies in your home. However, many parents have a problem when it comes to deciding how to display their kid’s trophies in their home. Fortunately, there are a number of ideas that you could consider.

Soccer ball, cleats and trophy against artificial turf, studio shot on green background. Flat lay.

Glass Door Cabinets

One of the more traditional ways of displaying trophies in your home is by having them in a glass door cabinet. These cabinets are often called trophy cases and will have enough space for large trophies. The primary benefit of displaying the trophies in this way is that they are all in one place and can easily be viewed. If you do not want to purchase a trophy case, you can look at re-purposing an old china cabinet that you might have.

Using A Bookcase

A standard bookcase can be used to display trophies and this can be ideal if you have more than one child who is winning sports trophies. Bookcases can be divided by shelf to accommodate the trophies of all your children. Depending on the size of the bookcase and the number of trophies, you might have to display only the most treasured or most recent trophies.

Using Floating Shelves

If you do not want to use a bookcase, you can look at displaying trophies using floating shelves. Floating shelves are ideal if you want to display the trophies without having to install large bookcases or trophy cabinets. Additionally, these shelves can be installed for a minimal cost which is ideal for many people.

One of the other benefits of using floating shelves is the fact that they can be installed in any room of the house. This ensures that trophies can be displayed anywhere in the house.

Using Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are another way that you can display trophies and they can enhance your home’s décor at the same time. It is possible to purchase or make shadow boxes yourself. One of the best ways to display trophies in these boxes is to mount multiple boxes on a wall together. When using shadow boxes, you can also create a mosaic of trophies which appeal to the eye.

Display Along The Ceiling

If your child has a lot of trophies, you might want to consider having a shelf run around the entire room. This shelf should be above the top of the window which places it out of the way, but not too high that people cannot see the trophies. Another benefit of displaying along the ceiling is that the trophies cannot be damaged by people bumping into them.

There are many different ways that you can display your child’s sports trophies. The method that you use should be based on the number of trophies your child has and the amount of space in your home. Some houses have enough space for trophy cabinets while others require a long shelf.