Your home and garden are two aspects of your life that are often a reflection of you. The minute someone walks into your house, he or she will immediately look at the surroundings and compare what he or she sees with how he/she knows you. Likewise, if your garden is all green and in full bloom, the people who see it will believe that you are happy and contented with your life.

This is what we at Audiences SW were thinking of when we decided to create this blog.

Audiences SW was conceptualized because of the passion for helping people make their homes and garden beautiful extensions of themselves. By offering relevant information and some advice, our group will be able to help realize this goal.

Everyone in the Audiences SW team is an absolute home and garden lover. Each one of us has a dream of seeing a city with sprawling modern-day buildings but with lovely homes and green, green gardens. Rich, lively gardens in a city – this is one of the things we aim for.

Audiences SW also intends to create a fun community where people can share their experiences, ideas, events, and projects on anything related to homes and gardens. Additionally, we visualize our blog to become the go-to place for anyone who shares our passion and goals. Whether you are a gardener or a homeowner, you are welcome to become a member of the Audiences SW online community. You’ll have access to our latest posts, as well as other relevant content like news, advice, tips, and stories, among many others.

Join us here are Audiences SW and see your home and garden bloom in full!

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