Ideas For Displaying Your Kids Sports Trophies In Your Home

Winning a trophy can be a great achievement in your child’s life and you want to show that you are proud of them. The best way to do this is to display their sports trophies in your home. However, many parents have a problem when it comes to deciding how to display their kid’s trophies in their home. Fortunately, there are a number of ideas that you could consider.

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Glass Door Cabinets

One of the more traditional ways of displaying trophies in your home is by having them in a glass door cabinet. These cabinets are often called trophy cases and will have enough space for large trophies. The primary benefit of displaying the trophies in this way is that they are all in one place and can easily be viewed. If you do not want to purchase a trophy case, you can look at re-purposing an old china cabinet that you might have.

Using A Bookcase

A standard bookcase can be used to display trophies and this can be ideal if you have more than one child who is winning sports trophies. Bookcases can be divided by shelf to accommodate the trophies of all your children. Depending on the size of the bookcase and the number of trophies, you might have to display only the most treasured or most recent trophies.

Using Floating Shelves

If you do not want to use a bookcase, you can look at displaying trophies using floating shelves. Floating shelves are ideal if you want to display the trophies without having to install large bookcases or trophy cabinets. Additionally, these shelves can be installed for a minimal cost which is ideal for many people.

One of the other benefits of using floating shelves is the fact that they can be installed in any room of the house. This ensures that trophies can be displayed anywhere in the house.

Using Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes are another way that you can display trophies and they can enhance your home’s décor at the same time. It is possible to purchase or make shadow boxes yourself. One of the best ways to display trophies in these boxes is to mount multiple boxes on a wall together. When using shadow boxes, you can also create a mosaic of trophies which appeal to the eye.

Display Along The Ceiling

If your child has a lot of trophies, you might want to consider having a shelf run around the entire room. This shelf should be above the top of the window which places it out of the way, but not too high that people cannot see the trophies. Another benefit of displaying along the ceiling is that the trophies cannot be damaged by people bumping into them.

There are many different ways that you can display your child’s sports trophies. The method that you use should be based on the number of trophies your child has and the amount of space in your home. Some houses have enough space for trophy cabinets while others require a long shelf.

Reasons I Love Single Storey Homes

Colonial brick house with beautifully landscaped front yard and mature oak trees

It is a common quandary for first-time buyers when it comes to deciding between a single-storey house and one with multiple levels. The traditional home layout usually includes shared spaces on the ground floor and more private rooms such as offices and bedrooms on the upper floors. While each layout has its own advantages, in this post, I am going to provide reasons why I love single-storey homes.

Single-storey Homes Provide Increased Energy Efficiency

It is easier to heat a single storey home compared to their counterparts. Most modern one-storey houses have a central shared living space that’s surrounded by more private rooms like offices and bedrooms. So, heated or cooled air will flow naturally in such a layout. On the other hand, a multiple storey house plan will need more complex and costly heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Plenty of Open Space

Single storey houses usually have a generous communal area often referred to as the Family Triangle of the dining room, kitchen and living room. While the more traditional homes have each of these rooms separated by walls, the modern single storey homes are usually designed to merge these regions into a single, large, open space. Expansive windows and vaulted ceilings are also prioritised, thus creating a beautiful and comfortable area for the entire family.

However, the challenge with this type of layout is how to keep everything on one floor. Therefore, architects and specialist builders (such as Ben Trager) have to get creative with open floor single storey house plans.


Stairs are arguably one of the primary causes of domestic injuries. When you live in a house with stairs, your risk of getting a severe injury is much higher compared to a single-storey home. Also, if there is an emergency in your house, you are likely to evacuate faster in a single-storey house.

Easy To Expand Living Space

If you have larger living space, it is relatively easy to add a sunroom, deck or even a patio in a single storey home. On the other hand, a two-storey house will need structural analysis and proper planning for the expansion. Also, the ease of expanding the outdoor living space translates to a strong connection between the indoors and outdoors in single storey homes.

Easy To Clean

Vacuums are generally clunky and heavy. As such, vacuuming individual steps easily becomes one of the least favourite pastimes among household owners. If all your living space is on a single floor, it is way easier to go from one end to the other with a vacuum, dust rug or a mop and cleaning supplies. It is generally simpler and faster to clean a single storey home compared to multiple stories one. Also, one-storey houses usually require fewer bathrooms as they are easier to access, and we all know how demanding these rooms can be in terms of cleaning.


It is no secret that single storey homes are less costly to construct and maintain compared to their counterparts.

One-storey homes have a huge appeal, and you can find them in almost any city in an array of styles and at varying price points. There’s a lot to like about these house plans, and so, if you are on the fence, you may want to lean more on the single-storey side.

Luxury Home Building Ideas and Considerations

Kitchen in luxury home with white cabinetry

Planning and constructing a luxury home is usually a matter of balance. For a house to be referred to as luxurious, it needs to be tasteful and unique. It should be large, but not too big that it cannot be heated or cooled efficiently. It should be elaborate without being gaudy. It should be comfortable, cozy, inviting, warm, spacious, awe inspiring and of course, expensive. Most importantly, a luxury home should be structurally sound and architecturally significant. That being said, here are a few luxury home building ideas and considerations you may want to keep in mind:

Quality over Quantity

There’s a huge contempt in the country for single family homes that exceed a certain size. Due to social and environmental issues, even people with adequate finances find this quite pretentious and a waste of resources. Additionally, even with the best insulation, it is expensive to heat and cool a home of over the mentioned square feet. As a result, smaller luxury houses have become more popular in the society today. Instead of superior designs, distinct hand crafted features, and better building materials are what luxury homes are known for today.

Creative Design

As hinted above, a true luxury home is defined in design terms. A luxury house should be a work of art; feature hand carved woodwork, full of distinct architectural features and an appealing interior design. In short, it should be of architectural significance. If you want to build an actual luxury home, you’ll need to hire a competent architect who will help design a tasteful and stunning home. Your home plan should avoid cliches in order to be truly marvelous.

Efficient Space Use

One of the secrets to constructing an impressive and tasteful luxury home is making efficient use of space. Regardless of the size of your house, avoid wasted space that has no real use. Consider using open spaces strategically to give an impression of a bigger home instead. Incorporate cozy regions where appropriate. Simply use your space wisely where it’s needed and include warm, intimate areas.


The walls of your house should be stronger and thicker than conventional homes. A luxury property should have superior sound proofing between rooms and proper insulation. The quality of any house is determined by the durability and sturdiness of its materials, design, and craftsmanship. Never compromise structure soundness for beauty since structural integrity is the real definition of lasting beauty.

Building Materials

There are numerous types of materials, both traditional and green ones. Investigate all possibilities before choosing certain materials. You will come across several unique and appealing choices that have never been available before. The durability of the structure is one of the most important considerations when building a home. So, learn about the durability of all available building materials under different weather conditions. Choose the strongest materials for your area.

When building a luxury home, never settle for less. Ensure you are getting true quality, distinct architecture and a sturdy structure. I hope that these luxury home building ideas have been helpful.

Don’t Change Your Locks, Consider Rekeying Instead

There are a lot of people who feel that they need to replace the locks in their home.  This could be due to a number of reasons from malfunctioning locks to buying a new property.  However, before you rush to the hardware store for new locks you should consider rekeying instead.

What Is Rekeying?

Rekeying is something that any qualified locksmith will be able to do for you and is often something that people do not consider.  To rekey your locks, the locksmith will remove the springs and pins which make up the lock mechanism.  These will be replaced with pins and springs which work with a different key that the locksmith provides to you.

Who Should Use Rekeying?

Rekeying is an ideal and cost-effective option for anyone needing to change their locks.  A rekeyed lock will work as well or better than a new lock and will generally cost less.  The only times you will need to completely replace the lock is if it is broken or the lock malfunctions.

If you have bought a new property then you should consider having the locks rekeyed.  This is due to the lack of key control that comes with a new property.  You have no idea who the previous owners have given a key to and you Locksmith fitting lock into door after rekeyingwant to secure your property against these people. Rekeying your home is easy and will provide you with the only keys that work for the property.

Single-builder communities should also consider having their locks rekeyed.  This is due to the fact that the locks could be construction master keyed.  While the use of the homeowner key can prevent the lock from being opened by the contractor’s key, there could be master pins in the lock.  Each of the master pins in the lock will double the number of keys that could potentially open the lock.  Having the lock rekeyed will remove these master pins and eliminate the chance of other keys opening the lock.

Lock Maintenance While Rekeying

While there are many benefits to rekeying your locks, one that should not be ignored is the lock maintenance that is done at the same time.  When the locksmith removes the pins from the lock, they will be able to see the condition of the lock and how it was installed.  If there are any problems with the internal structure of the lock it will be determined at this point.

If there are any problems, the locksmith will be able to determine what needs to be done to fix them.  In some cases, the locksmith will be able to fix the issues with the lock.  However, if this is not possible then the locksmith will recommend replacing the locks because they will malfunction in the future.

Always Use A Locksmith

It is important to note that there are a number of locks on the market which state that they can be rekeyed by the customer and do not require a locksmith.  These should be avoided because they generally have additional parts which could lead to a malfunction.  A locksmith is recommended for any rekeying that you consider doing.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Truck to Move Furniture

If you need to be sure that you are able to move to a new home on your own terms, one of the best ways to do it is by renting a moving truck. There are a lot of companies that provide these trucks, but it is up to you to figure out which are the best and which can serve your needs. To this end, read below and use these tips, so that you can rent a truck and make the most out of your furniture rental needs.

#1: Know your budget

It is very important that you do everything you can to never go over your truck rental budget. In this regard, you must get a good idea of how much these trucks will cost, so that you are properly planning and so that you don’t overspend. From here, you should get plenty of estimates from companies and also ask them if they are willing to price match their competition. By following this step, you will be in good hands for the rest of the rental process.

#2: Figure out the size of truck that you need

Once you know how much money it will cost for a rental truck, be sure that you look into the different sizes available. They are measured by cubic feet and will typically correspond with how many bedrooms you are moving. The rental companies should give you a good idea of how much space is best for your move so that you don’t make the mistake of either renting a truck that is too big or not big enough.

#3: Find out all terms of the rental agreement

It is very important that you also read through the contract before signing and taking on a rental truck. This way, you will know exactly what terms you are the hook for and what the company is providing you. Reading the fine print will also let you go over any sorts of fees and make sure that you return the truck on the proper day and before the deadline. Be sure to ask around for moving truck companies that are professional and the best in your area, to make sure that you can put trust in the equipment and service that they provide.

When you want to make sure that you are handling your residential move in a way that gets you the best results, you will want to apply these tips. By considering these points, you are able to find the help and service of a company that specializes in these sorts of moves. To this end, follow these three tips, so that you know which companies can provide you with any sort of rental truck that you need, at prices that you are also able to afford with no problem. Consider these points so that you are able to match up with the truck rental company that can serve you.

3 Tips to Help You Start A Home Garden

There are a lot of good reasons why you should make a garden in your home. Foremost among these reasons is the capability of getting fresh fruits and vegetables for the family. Having a home garden can also lead to the cutting of market/supermarket expenses as you can easily get your supply from your own garden.

Another reason is the promotion of healthy eating. When you have fresh greens all the time, you won’t have problems preparing nutritious dishes. Your family will learn to eat healthier. But, how do you successfully create a home garden? Here are three steps you can follow:

1. The first thing you need to do is determine the type of garden you are going to grow.

Are you planning to make your own vegetable garden, a fruit garden, a herb garden, or a flower garden? If you want to grow lettuce, tomatoes, squash, potatoes, cabbage, and other vegetables, you should focus on growing a vegetable garden. A herb garden is also all right, but it won’t do you a lot of good if you don’t have fresh ingredients (vegetables). A fruit garden will help you grow a lot of fruits, while a flower garden will give you different flower varieties. You can go for a combination of vegetable, fruit, and herb gardens.

2. What plants should be in your garden?

This is the next thing that you should consider. Choose plants that grow well in your area. Determine which plants will thrive in the kind of environment that you have. Study the growing conditions in your area of each plant you want to use. If you do this, you won’t have problems growing your plants strong and healthy.

3. Design your garden.

You can draw the design or map of your garden, or you can have someone else do it for you. Just be sure that the plants will be in an area where they can be shaded even when it is raining, and an area where they can get enough sun exposure.

Once you have done all these, you are ready to plant your first batch of vegetables, fruits, and herbs.

Top 3 Reasons to Remodel Your Home

One of the reasons why homeowners often think twice about remodeling or renovating their homes is the expenses that come with it. If it is a complete home renovation, it can be quite costly. Aside from spending on the materials, you will also have to pay whoever you hired to do the renovations. Likewise, undergoing a home renovation project can take up a lot of your time, too. But remodeling your home can be done without too much financial hassle and without eating up time. There are several reasons why you should remodel your home. Here are some:

1. Remodeling is the easy way to your spouse’s heart.

Your husband or wife may have been waiting for years to put the basement to good use. Remodeling is the best way to do it. You don’t have to spend too much; you can use materials that are already in your garage. The expenses will usually be based on the extent of work and the kind of remodeling job to be carried out. No matter how hard the work may be; no matter how much you spend, it still is more practical than tearing down the whole house and making a new one.

2. Your comfort and pleasure are important.

The best reason why you should go on with your plan of renovating the home is YOU. You deserved to go home to where you are comfortable; to a place where you can relax and enjoy. If your house is overused and abused, you won’t be able to do this. Therefore, you need to have your home redecorated and renovated.

3. You need to renovate your home to take care of what needs to be fixed.

If your home is quite old already, there is a tendency that it has damages and other issues that you need to tend to. It may be the ceilings, the roof, or some cracks on the wall. If you want to stay in a safe home, these issues need to be fixed right away. The best and most practical (cheapest) solution would be to have your home renovated or remodeled.

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Top 4 Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

You have finally decided to give your son/daughter his/her own bedroom after many months of contemplating. He/she is excited, but you’re worried that the space may not be enough to fit in all the stuff he/she has. Expanding the room seems to be impossible at the moment, so you’re at a loss about what to do. The answer to your problem? Storage!

Here are four storage hacks that you can use for small bedrooms, whether it is yours or your son’s or daughter’s.

1. Shelves on the wall.

A lot of bedrooms have walls that are never used or maximized. You can channel your creativity by using the walls for storage purposes. Have shelves built and installed on the perimeters of the bedroom’s walls. These shelves can hold books and some small decorative items, so you won’t have to fit them all in one place. Since the shelves are on the walls, this will not take up a lot of space.

2. Choose a bed with headboard storage.

Maximize the bed space by choosing one that has headboard storage. You can use the storage for a variety of items your son/daughter owns. You can ask someone to help you build one, or you can buy one from the home store.

3. Use the space under the bed for storage.

You can add more storage to a small room without wasting space by using the area under the bed. You can buy plastic storage containers, or you can make them yourself. Add a little skirt to the bed to hide the containers. You can also look for under-the-bed-storage bed; or better yet, have one made so you can also have it customized with headboard storage. Lastly, you can also find a bed frame that comes with drawers.

4. Place hooks on your closet doors or its side or back.

Look for hooks that you can easily place on the doors of your closet. Or you can put the hooks on the cabinet’s side area. Of, if there is space between the closet’s back and the wall, use this and place the hooks on the wall. Hang your jackets, umbrella, or your bags on these hooks.