Top 4 Storage Hacks for Small Bedrooms

You have finally decided to give your son/daughter his/her own bedroom after many months of contemplating. He/she is excited, but you’re worried that the space may not be enough to fit in all the stuff he/she has. Expanding the room seems to be impossible at the moment, so you’re at a loss about what to do. The answer to your problem? Storage!

Here are four storage hacks that you can use for small bedrooms, whether it is yours or your son’s or daughter’s.

1. Shelves on the wall.

A lot of bedrooms have walls that are never used or maximized. You can channel your creativity by using the walls for storage purposes. Have shelves built and installed on the perimeters of the bedroom’s walls. These shelves can hold books and some small decorative items, so you won’t have to fit them all in one place. Since the shelves are on the walls, this will not take up a lot of space.

2. Choose a bed with headboard storage.

Maximize the bed space by choosing one that has headboard storage. You can use the storage for a variety of items your son/daughter owns. You can ask someone to help you build one, or you can buy one from the home store.

3. Use the space under the bed for storage.

You can add more storage to a small room without wasting space by using the area under the bed. You can buy plastic storage containers, or you can make them yourself. Add a little skirt to the bed to hide the containers. You can also look for under-the-bed-storage bed; or better yet, have one made so you can also have it customized with headboard storage. Lastly, you can also find a bed frame that comes with drawers.

4. Place hooks on your closet doors or its side or back.

Look for hooks that you can easily place on the doors of your closet. Or you can put the hooks on the cabinet’s side area. Of, if there is space between the closet’s back and the wall, use this and place the hooks on the wall. Hang your jackets, umbrella, or your bags on these hooks.